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Areas of Practice

At The Mullis Law Firm P.A. we’ll fight to get injured clients the compensation they need and deserve. Whether you’re injured through someone else’s negligence or in an auto or truck accident, The Mullis Law Firm P.A. stands ready to represent you with skill, experience and compassion.

Personal Injury

People injured in an accident, whether by falling on a slippery floor, using a defective product or being hurt by another person’s negligence, need a law firm they can depend on. The Mullis Law Firm P.A. represents your interests and fight for maximum compensation for injuries, psychological stress, lost productivity, and enjoyment of life. We will stand in your corner, both in and outside of the courtroom. Our firm has a proven track record of winning cases for our clients. We’ll get the justice and financial compensation you deserve.

Auto Accident

Auto accidents are responsible for over three million injuries a year. And with today’s drivers talking on cell phones and texting, accidents are on the rise. Car accidents can have serious effects on victims, leaving some seriously injured, permanently hurt, and financially devastated. We’re South Carolina’s auto accidents specialists. Victims can turn to us for aggressive, comprehensive representation. We’ll fight hard to see justice done for car accident victims.

Trucking Accident

Collisions between commercial trucks and passenger cars can be catastrophic due to the size and weight of these larger vehicles. While the truck driver usually walks away with little or no injury, the driver and other occupants of the passenger car may suffer life long traumatic injuries. Truck accidents are further complicated by trucking company lawyers and insurance carriers who fight to limit liability as much as possible. At The Mullis Law Firm P.A. we believe in holding the responsible parties accountable for these accidents, whether it is the semi truck driver and/or the trucking company. We believe that victims should be compensated for the injuries they have experienced. And we have the knowledge and experience to get the compensation victims need and deserve.

Dram Shop

While tougher DUI laws and increased enforcement have reduced drunk driving in the United States, someone still dies in an alcohol-related car accident approximately every 30 minutes. We are committed to pursuing justice under South Carolina’s dram shop laws for innocent people who are injured by drunk drivers, as well as the families of those who are killed in alcohol related collisions. It is important to understand that not only can drunk drivers be held liable for injuries caused in a alcohol related accident, but so can the establishments that served alcoholic beverages to obviously intoxicated individuals who inflict serious injury or death on others. In addition to bars and liquor stores, these establishments can include restaurants, social clubs, and even private events where liquor is sold. Our firm has the resources, knowledge, and experience needed to successfully handle dram shop liability cases. The Mullis Law Firm P.A. can help you hold these establishments responsible for the dangerous actions of a drunk driver when they have illegally sold liquor to that person.
Areas of Practice